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How it works

Our platform offers a consistent approach and proactively identifies mental health and wellbeing issues in the workplace, allowing for early intervention and targeted support precisely where needed to strengthen resilience and wellbeing.



MyMynd is based around a secure online behavioural health assessment taken confidentially by employees.

Based on clinically evidenced and validated tools.

Individuals receive immediate clinically validated insights, empowered to take action immediately.



Results generate a Total Function Score graded across key indicators.
Employees get a detailed understanding of their mental health (risks) & protective factors (resilience/wellbeing).


Personalised support

Priority concerns are flagged for 1-to-1 follow up and guidance by dedicated specialist MyMynd responders.

Employees are directed to targeted resources and support specific to their needs to improve their ability to cope.



Employees can retake the assessment regularly to track and manage improvement.


Employer support

Employers get aggregated data/insight and bespoke curriculum of resources based on organisational needs (Individual data remains confidential).

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Case studies

I wasn't sure what value I would get from booking a responder call, but once the call started I was put at ease. The responder was friendly and knowledgeable and helped me understand the report and my results. We talked about options I didn't know existed and the next steps I could take. I booked a follow-up call and I had made so much progress in-between the two calls. It's so nice to have someone listen and genuinely hear what you are saying.

MyMynd User

I reached out directly having had a traumatic experience with my company Employee Assistance Programme and other mental health services previously. I completed the online assessment with the Responder who guided me to appropriate local support for the first time. I’m now on a pathway of ongoing support.

MyMynd User

Professor Richard Gilman PhD, MBA
MyMynd Clinical Advisor

The science diagram

The science behind MyMynd

MyMynd is based on risk and resiliency science. The assessment combines the General Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7), the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), the Adult Hope Scale, the Satisfaction with Life Scale and the Social Resiliency Scale.

The indicators offered by MyMynd are the most robust in terms of predicting an individual's behavioural health and workplace functioning.

The benefits of including these clinically validated questionnaires ensure our users consistently receive assessment results that accurately reflect their current situation and secondly, by enabling our team of clinically trained responders to effectively triage users to the most appropriate support services and resources for their needs.