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Unlock The Power Of Wellbeing

Empower employees to proactively take control of their mental health.

Enable employers to target wellbeing efforts to organisational needs

Proactive detection and support
1-to-1 human intervention
100% confidential and secure
Mobile view of the assessment results screen
What our partners say

“MyMynd has been transformative for our team - honestly, it is amazing. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.”

NHS England & NHS Improvement

“I have never seen any other tool with such a rigorous process going the extra mile to support individuals. It sets you head and shoulders apart.”

Jake Mills, Hub of Hope CEO

“You have exceeded the expectations you had already surpassed. You have gone over and above anything we imagined.”

NHS England & NHS Improvement

Sample outputs from the assessment

Why MyMynd

MyMynd is a workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Platform. We offer a consistent approach, identifying issues early, and directing appropriate support precisely where it is needed, unlocking the potential to thrive.

- The MOT for the Mind
- Early identification and intervention avoids suffering in silence
- Data-driven targeted support precisely where needed
- Strengthen resilience to improve ability to cope
- Aggregated results to inform employer wellbeing plans

See how it works

Our impact


of employees complete the assessment (compared with 2% for typical apps/EAP)


of employees access Wellness centre resources


require 1-1 responder support


of those in need engage with responders

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The MyMynd advantage

Holistic behavioural health assessment

Mental health (risks) and protective factors (resilience)

Early identification and intervention

Proactive intervention to prevent suffering and decline

Improve resilience/ ability to cope

Data driven content to precisely target support to individuals’ specific needs

1-to-1 human intervention

High priority concerns flagged directly to responders for validation and further guidance

Multi-level reporting

Individual (confidential) and aggregated to prioritise wellbeing efforts at organisational needs

Trusted and secure

Administered by MyMynd to ensure employee confidentiality

Employer insights

Employees get a detailed understanding of their mental health (risks) and protective factors (resilience).

Whilst employers get aggregated group data to inform overall wellbeing strategy based on their organisational needs.

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Our expertise

Our world class team and advisors are passionate about using their deep knowledge of clinical, organisational, behavioural, health and technology expertise to unlock potential. We support individuals and organisations to thrive.

Our approach is evidence based and clinically validated, combined with the most secure technology available.

We can protect and enhance your most vital asset, the health and energy of your people.

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